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Welcome to the world of sensational skin rejuvenation at Shape Studio – your go-to destination for non-surgical treatments that leave you feeling confident and beautiful.

We are thrilled to introduce you to our latest offerings – PRP Facials and the O Shot for women right here in Tauranga. Our PRP Facials synergize the power of advanced technology with natural healing abilities of your own plasma to give you youthful, radiant skin. And the O Shot, a quick, safe injection aims to enhance your sexual wellness and boost your confidence in bed!

Whether its skin concerns or intimacy issues, it’s time to bid goodbye to your woes and say hello to your new, rejuvenated self with Shape Studio PRP treatments.

PRP – Platelet Rich Plasma

Platelet Rich Plasma Skin Rejuvenation, also known as a vampire facial, is an advanced, non-surgical, safe and natural treatment method that harnesses your own cells and chemistry to improve skin texture, thickness and luminosity.

How does it work?

Platelet Rich Plasma uses the healing properties of your own platelets, taken from a small sample of your blood, hence the name “vampire facial”, which contains over 300 active growth factors. Studies have proven the body’s natural healing process is activated when PRP is added to a treatment area, releasing specific proteins that effectively stimulate cellular rejuvenation and improve the skins texture and elasticity. It is ideal for treating thin crepey skin, especially around the eyes, neck, décolletage, full face and hands.

Platelet rich plasma treatment encourages cellular turnover where old skin cells are recycled and new skin cells, collagen and elastin are formed. Collagen production is stimulated when skin cell trauma occurs. The quality of your skin is therefore enhanced through increased collagen production.

O-Shot® - Orgasm Shot

End the sexual silence ladies, speak up.

Talking about sex is no longer taboo like it once was, so it’s high time you know what options are available to you that can help give you stronger orgasms, improve lubrication, heighten sensitivity, rejuvenate the appearance of your vagina and much more.

How does it work?

A small quantity of blood is drawn, similar to a blood test, and the healing component of the blood, plasma, is separated to provide us with purified and concentrated platelets. These platelets serve as “first responders,” travelling to any location in the body that requires repair. They direct a healing response once triggered by releasing growth and regeneration factors, stimulating vaginal and clitoral rejuvenation, and there is no downtime. Some patients even have sexual encounters on the same day.

PRP, or platelet-rich plasma, is a technique used globally to quickly repair sports injuries and rejuvenate skin and faces. After a numbing cream is applied, this plasma is injected into the vagina, clitoris, and G spot regions with the PRP-Shot.

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